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    Joinks became a success due to crowd funding on Kickstarter and is thé building experience for children. A very colourful and beautifully shaped toy which stimulates the fine motoric skills. Awarded most promising toy of 2015 in the United States!

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    The Oball Rattle is a ball and rattle in one: shake, rattle and roll! The Oball stimulates cognitive and social skills and contributes to the development of general and fine motor skills. The Oball is constructed from a flexible and light structure and is easy to hold. Suitable from birth to for all ages.

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    The Teeter Popper is a specially fun toy for young and older children. Children can choose their own way of playing with it, the opportunities are numerous! You can stand on it, sit on it, wiggle, tip over, whatever you think of! The sound you hear when moving the board over ground gives a lot of pleasure. Suitable for children from the age of 3 years.

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    This little, funny ball is a very recommended toy for babies (from the age of 6 months). Because of the bright and happy colours, the rattling sound, the different structures and the shapes that are easy to grap a young child will have a lot of fun! The toy is also ideal for teething!

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    The sturdy cardboard blocks are also garages for the supplied cars! Build a beautifull tower, put them in a line or just seperate. Which car fits wich garage? Wich coloured car fits the right garage? With these nice blocks a child stimulates his fine motor skills, his eye hand coordination his spatial awareness and his fantasy. He also learns the...

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    This family game is very exciting and fun! Add a bright coloured bar in the frame and make sure you are the first to be ready. But watch out, the frame can fall! This is a game for steady hands and steady nerves. (4 -8 years). Suspend Junior stimulates fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills and interpersonal skills.

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    The Mini Squigz are the latest relative of the Squigz family. After Squigz and Pip Squigz now the Mini Squigz are also available at DinkyBee. Mini Squigz are about 40% smaller than their big brother. The Mini Squigz are small building bricks with a suction cup which will stick very well to smooth surfaces. You can create numerous constructions! A set...

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    This box is a very cool game from the Bilibo series. It contains 6 little shells, 36 coloured chips and a dice cube! The set comes with a little book that contains several playing ideas. But with imagination and creativity the possibilities are endless!  Stimulate the eye handcoordination, fine motor skills, fantasy and creativity!

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    This fun and sturdy rug is great to play with, to learn how to hop and to play hop and count games! this activity rug has bright colours and numbers and children will love to play with it. By playing with this rug a child stimulates his toddler and preschool motor skills, gross motor skills and balance. 

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    With Spin Again there is a new and fascinating way of stacking. The vibrant colors, exciting shapes and mesmerizing movements provide wonderment in every child. Spin Again contributes to the motor and sensory development of the child and stimulates the eye-hand coordination. Suitable for children over 1 year.

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    The Bilibo, fun and defiant! The ways to play with the Bilibo are endless. For example, you can sit on it, balance or twist! But you can also use it to hide, to glide in the snow or fill it with water. Stimulate dexternity, balance, coordination, fantasy and creativity!

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    The Winkel Color Burst by Manhattan Toy is a various, colorful rattle and teether for your baby. The mesmerizing loop design and lightweight construction make it very easy for little hands to grab, hold and rattle – a perfect clutching toy to engage baby’s fine and gross motor skills. It also will be visually stimulating. Suitable...

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DinkyBee Toys

Original, distinctive and development stimulating toys.

DinkyBee searches the world for toys with a vision: the toys are slightly different than what the big chain stores have. The toys will add value for the development of the child and will bring above all great fun!


If you have any questions regarding DinkyBee or a product of DinkyBee please email us at info@dinkybee.com

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Kinder speelgoed

Dinkybee heeft kinderspeelgoed in diverse kleuren en toepassingen. Of het nu gaat om bouwspeelgoed, ontwikkeling stimulerend speelgoed of speelgoed wat de creativiteit stimuleert. Al ons kinderspeelgoed is veilig en betrouwbaar. Uw kind leert met het aanbod van ons kinderspeelgoed op een leuke manier met andere kinderen omgaan. 

Baby speelgoed

Naast kinderspeelgoed bieden wij ook kwalitatief babyspeelgoed met een grote attractieve waarde in de vorm van felle contrasterende kleuren. Vol verwondering bekijken de baby's hun speelgoed die niet alleen een lust voor het oog zijn maar ook de voel en hoor zintuigen prikkelt.